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Public Art and Architecture in Dallas

Architecture in Dallas


Examples of steel skeleton frame architecture with concrete and glass.

Dallas City Hall is a cantilevered structure, one of three buildings designed by the architect I.M. Pei in downtown. The other two are Fountain Place on Ross Avenue, and the Meyerson Symphony Center in the Arts District.

I.M. Pei - Dallas City Hall, 1977

Dallas City Hall

Fountain Place is the second building in downtown designed by I.M. Pei. It is fully glassed and noted for its rhomboid geometric form.

 I.M. Pei - Fountain Place, 1986

Fountain Place, Dallas

The Omni Hotel, designed by 5G Studios and Boka Powell, is mainly noted for its environmentally friendly "Green" design, as well as for the programmed lights that accentuate the horizontal lines of its design.

  5G Studios, Boka Powell - Omni Hotel, 2011


The Arts District in downtown Dallas is a grouping of museums, performance halls, a cathedral, a school, and public spaces.

Dallas Arts District Map

The Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe, a modern Gothic Revival design, includes Gothic (pointed) arches, ribbed vaults on the interior ceiling, and brick masonry walls on the exterior.

 Nicholas Clayton - Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe, 1902
(Bell Tower added in 2005)

 Nicholas Clayton - Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe, 1902

The Meyerson Symphony Center is the third building designed by I.M. Pei in downtown Dallas. It is made of reinforced concrete and glass with a skeleton frame interior.

I.M. Pei - Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, 1989

More Pictures of the Meyerson Symphony Center

The Winspear Opera House is one of the newest additions to the Arts District. Its structure is readily visible, with transparent glass encasing its exterior.

 Norman Foster / Foster + Partners - Winspear Opera House, 2009

Winspear Opera House

The Wyly Theatre, also one of the newest structures in the Arts District, has exterior walls of aluminum pipe that overlay the skeleton frame structural support.

Joshua Prince-Ramos and Rem Koolhaas - Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, 2010

 Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre Timelapse

Architect Phillip Johnson designed a number of well-known structures in Dallas, including the JFK Memorial and Thanksgiving Square, both in downtown. The JFK Memorial is a cantilevered structure made of reinforced concrete.

Phillip Johnson - John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, 1970

 Phillip Johnson - John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, 1970
John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza History

Load bearing walls made of wood and stone. This example is a replica of an early log cabin made by the first settlers of Dallas.

John Neely Bryan - Log Cabin, 1930s replica of c. 1841 original

John Neely Bryan Log Cabin

The Old Red Courthouse downtown has stone masonry construction on the exterior walls. Though reminiscent of older load bearing structures, the large banks of windows along the exterior are a clue that it is most likely a skeleton frame design. 

 Max A. Orlopp, Jr. - Old Red Courthouse, Dallas, 1892

Max A. Orlopp, Jr. - Old Red Courthouse, Dallas, 1892

Old Red Courthouse History 


The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that crosses the Trinity River into West Dallas, uses steel suspension architecture on the main span, along with a reinforced concrete roadway and base pillars.

 Santiago Calatrava - Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, 2012
(photo by Gus Rios)

The Calatrava Bridge

Public Art in Dallas


Fresco mural by internationally known street artist Shepard Fairey in the Trinity Groves area on Singleton Avenue in W. Dallas.

 Shepard Fairey - Rise Above, 2012

Shepard Fairey Website 

Graffiti mural by street artist EINE on Ft. Worth Avenue.

  EINE - Ft. Worth Avenue, 2012

British street artist EINE creates mural in Dallas

Sour Grapes Collective Website


Traveling Man, a monumental steel construction sculpture in Deep Ellum, designed as part of the DART Station expansion in that neighborhood.

Brandon Oldenburg and Brad Oldham - Traveling Man, Deep Ellum, 2009

Brandon Oldenburg and Brad Oldham - Traveling Man, Deep Ellum, 2009

The Traveling Man - DART sculpture project 


Architect George Dahl oversaw the redesign of Dallas' Fair Park for the 1936 Texas Centennial. He worked with a group of artists on the sculptures, murals, and wall reliefs in the park.

History of Fair Park, Dallas 

Concrete facades with post and lintel and round arch accents. This view looks across the Esplanade toward the Centennial Building.

 George Dahl, architect - Centennial Building, 1936

 Lawrence Tenney Stevens - Centennial Sculpture, 1936

Fresco murals in Fair Park adorn the smooth concrete walls.

Carlo Ciampaglia - Automobile Building Mural, 1936

Murals at Fair Park by Carlo Ciampaglia

Pierre Bourdelle - "Cougar and Bison" Relief Mural, 1936

Streamlined Art Deco style metal casting sculpture in Fair Park at end of the Esplanade.

Pierre Bourdelle - Sculpture, Fair Park Esplanade, 1936

The round arched niche at the entrance to the Women's Museum features an organic freestanding sculpture, fresco mural design, lights and a reflecting pool.

 Carlo Ciampaglia - Mural, Raoul Josset - "Spirit of the Centennial" Sculpture
Administration Building (now Women's Museum), 1936

Life of Raoul Josset


This monumental sculpture by Chicago artist Tony Tasset next to the Joule Hotel on Main Street is a recent addition to downtown public art.

Tony Tasset - Eye, 2010

Large scale bronze casting by British artist Henry Moore at Dallas City Hall downtown. It is a multi-part installation that sits on the plaza directly in front of the I.M. Pei designed building.

Henry Moore - The Dallas Piece, Dallas City Hall, 1978

Henry Moore - The Dallas Piece

This cantilevered architecture monument just across from Dallas City Hall is a memorial to Dallas Police made from structural steel. 
  Dallas Police Memorial - Edward Baum and John Maruszczak, Oglesby Greene Architects, 2001
Dallas Police Memorial

Steel construction sculptures at Dallas Museum of Art. The monumental red design is by Mark di Suvero and sits on the front lawn outside the museum entrance. The human scaled work by Tony Smith and Martin Puryear is in the museum's more intimate sculpture garden.
Mark di Suvero - Ave, 1973, Dallas Museum of Art

Tony Smith - Willy, 1962/78, Dallas Museum of Art
 Martin Puryear - Untitled, 1990-97, Dallas Museum of Art


The Northpark Center is a shopping mall opened in 1965 that was the original repository for the art collection of Raymond and Patsy Nasher. With the opening of the Nasher Sculpture Center downtown in 2003, the collection was split between these two locations.

Northpark Center Art Collection

Planographic (screenprinting) by Andy Warhol at Northpark Center.
Andy Warhol - Ads, 1985

Large relief assemblage sculpture if painted aluminum by Frank Stella at Northpark Center.

 Frank Stella - Washington Island Gadwall, 1980-81

Geometric metal sculpture construction with organic modeled animal figure at top by Barry Flanagan.

 Barry Flanagan - Large Leaping Hare, 1982

Metal casting (substitution method) sculptures by British sculptor Antony Gormley and Italian artist Mimmo Paladino at Northpark Center.

 Antony Gormley - Three Places (detail), 1983

 Antony Gormley - Three Places (detail), 1983

 Mimmo Paladino - A Surrounded Figure, 1983

Monumental kinetic construction sculpture installation by American artist Jonathan Borofsky. The arm holding the hammer slowly moves, powered by the attached motor.

Jonathan Borofsky - 5 Hammering Men (detail), 1982

Jonathan Borofsky Website 

 Jonathan Borofsky - 5 Hammering Men, 1982

Monumental steel construction sculpture by Mark di Suvero. He has other work in downtown Dallas in the Arts District.

 Mark di Suvero - Ad Astra, 2005

Mark di Suvero Website

Joel Shapiro - 20 Elements, 2004-05

 Anish Kapoor - The World Turned Outside In, 2003

Anish Kapoor Website

Monumental scale Pop Art construction sculpture in the garden at Northpark Center.

  Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen - Corridor Pin, Blue, 1999

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